31st JULY - 4th AUGUST 2015

Pullman Brisbane - King George Square

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    July 31
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    August 1-2
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    August 3-4

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Ansible, Simplicity, and the Zen of Python

Project: Ansible

Ansible is a configuration management tool, written in Python, that has taken the world of IT automation by storm. Its most remarkable quality is simplicity.

The Zen of Python is a set of aphorisms which capture the design philosophy of the Python language, one being "Simple is better than complex".

In this talk, we’ll look at some of the concrete ways that Ansible embodies the Zen of Python, in an attempt to unravel the true meaning of the sometimes cryptic aphorisms. Along the way we will consider why simplicity is a such good thing, yet tantalisingly out of reach in most software projects.

Todd Owen

Todd’s programming experience spans a number of languages, including C++, Scala, and Python. He thinks the Zen of Python’s unwritten 20th law should be “Automated tests are better than crossing your fingers and praying”. He currently works for a bank...it’s a long story. Todd spends all his spare time looking after his one-year-old son, and feels no guilt whatsoever about ignoring his Twitter feed.