31st JULY - 4th AUGUST 2015

Pullman Brisbane - King George Square

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  • Mini-Conferences
    July 31
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    August 1-2
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    August 3-4

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Why Salt?

Project: SaltStack

DevOps is a growing movement in the tech community, and configuration management is a huge necessity for doing DevOps well.
In this talk, we'll be talking about why you should use the SaltStack configuration management platform in your environment, versus the other major platforms of Puppet and Chef.

aurynn shaw

Aurynn is an experienced Python developer and recent convert to the DevOps worldview. She believes strongly in being able to not have to get woken up at 3am because a computer is on fire, and would love to tell you all the ways in which that can be avoided.
She is the founder of Eiara, a DevOps consultancy out of Wellington, New Zealand.