31st JULY - 4th AUGUST 2015

Pullman Brisbane - King George Square

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    July 31
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    August 1-2
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    August 3-4

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Orchestration and CI/CD with Ansible and OpenStack

This project will demonstrate how to leverage CI/CD pipelines, to deploy and rollback applications in the Openstack Cloud. Best-practices allow to automate tasks and achieve high-degree of repeatability and robustness.

Jenkins will be used to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery jobs and pipelines. Packer will create images of disposable systems, being containers and Cloud servers.
Ansible will be used to both create images with Packer, and eventually orchestrate provisioning of systems in staging and production environments in a blue-green fashion.

Deep knowledge of deployment and workflow allows to continuously refine the process, adapt it to custom requirements, and make it smoother.

The following technologies will be presented:

- Ansible
- Docker on CoreOS cluster
- Git repository
- Jenkins
- Openstack
- Packer
- Vagrant

Simone Soldateschi


Simone has talents in Systems Engineering and Software Development with a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Robotics. His core skills are design and management of IT systems to deliver a diverse range of projects with bare-metal, virtual and Cloud technologies, clustering, HA and DR solutions to maintain five-nines; application development and deployment using open-source technologies (Chef, Ansible, Python, Java, Puppet, Jenkins) and management of geospatial data.
He has an inquisitive mind, and is keen to improve his knowledge by getting his hands dirty (he has a knack for playing with Lego) on challenging projects