31st JULY - 4th AUGUST 2015

Pullman Brisbane - King George Square

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Practical Federated Identity

Project: OpenStack Keystone

Federated Identity was once again a highlight of the OpenStack summit in Vancouver this time with the announcement of keystone to keystone federation that will pave the way for inter-cloud workloads.

In the past I have done presentations on what Federated Identity is, however in this talk we delve into the more practical requirements of connecting to an IdP, discuss the changes in workflow required to authenticate your applications, how to configure web single sign on with horizon, what is possible today and the pain points you may encounter using federation.

Jamie Lennox

Jamie works for Red Hat on the OpenStack project, particularly on Identity and the various client libraries you use to interact with it. He's currently trying to ensure that all the new authentication methods are usable throughout the cloud.